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Posted on February 10, 2010

Blogger shoot-out

Whenever a blogger whips out a camera, he or she usually draws curious looks from by standers or never-ending ridicule from your friends. Lorraine Elliot from Not Quite Nigella sums our breed up pretty well in her post. While Allen was showing us around Tomei, Alexi and I simultaneously pulled our cameras out to shoot something we’d spotted in the corner. This, my friends, is the Blogger Stand-off. You see, when it’s simultaneous the usual etiquette of ‘whoever pulls out their camera first has dibs on it’ is negated.

Blogger shoot-out

Then it becomes a battle over who nails the better shot. Sadly for me, four out the five I took were blurry. So this is my lame attempt. The subject in question was a jig for a manifold.

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