Embracing the inner geek

Posted on February 25, 2009

Das Keyboard Professional

Typing, for a living, has its pros and cons. After a year or two, you’ll find that you can type faster than you can speak. But you’ll also discover that as soon as you pick up a pen, it feels totally foreign and your once neat writing style has turned into an illegible scrawl.

Das Keyboard Professional

After eight years of punching out copy, I’ve gone through three or four keyboards, all of them eventually failing with dead keys or a see-sawing space bar. And although I’ve always wanted to upgrade to an uber-geeky old school IBM Model M keyboard (remember those huge behemoths used at public library terminals? They’re the ones I’m talking about), I’ve always just dug out a replacement from our office storage and continued typing. Well, not anymore. I finally splashed out on a Das Keyboard Professional: a keyboard that goes against today’s norm of being cost-effectively built, instead offering key technology similar to the old buckling-spring mechanisms. It cost a f*cking fortune, but considering I’m typing for ten or eleven hours a day, in my mind it’s pretty well justified.

Das Keyboard Professional

Although the piano-black finish is a bit tacky, the gold-plated mechanical key switches make a staggering difference in terms of typing speed. The tactile response is impressive, and the difference is around 10WPM (now typing 90+ with full accuracy) compared to my old, conventional ‘board. I’m still getting used to the slightly different key spacing, but I’m already really digging it. It also has n-key rollover, a jargon term for being able to hit keys simultaneously without it ‘jamming’ or mis-reading what you’ve quickly typed. One downside though, is the noise it makes. Already the guys at work are complaining about the machine-gun pecking sound coming from my desk. And while I do agree that it sounds like a vintage typewriter, I don’t care. I’m embracing my inner geek!

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2 Comments so far
  1. papz February 25, 2009 2:21 pm

    you didnt mention that it is printed with your favourite font.

  2. Mike.V February 26, 2009 9:17 am

    I got a deadstock Model M a few years ago. It’s badass, you can kill a man with it.

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