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Posted on February 23, 2009

Booq Mamba Saddle bag

Heading down to Melbourne (again) on Thursday for a few days as the International Motor Show is on. For short trips like this, I’ve been using an OGIO bag (which was a cool freebie I received a while ago) for my laptop and carry-on crap. Sadly it’s starting to fall apart, so I’ve been on the lookout for a replacement. That’s when I stumbled across a quirky brand called Booq.

Booq Mamba Saddle bag

Booq is a brand from So Cal, and they produce some pretty nifty bags designed for frequent travellers. The shoulder bag I chose opens accordion-style, revealing a host of compartments and pockets. There’s also plenty of padding to protect your laptop, which was perfect for me as I tend to bash my things around a bit. Downsides? It’s quite heavy (about one and a half kilograms) and combined with the lack of padding on the strap, it might be a bit of pain when weighed down.

Booq Mamba Saddle bag

Here’s an interesting touch: all of their bags come with a Terralinq tag, which means that you can register it and, in the off chance that you lose it and some good-hearted person finds it, they can get into contact with you. Of course, all that hinges on someone honest finding it.

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