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Posted on February 20, 2009

Issue 73

Ever since Ugly Betty and The Devil Wears Prada (good book, sucky movie) were released, readers have often asked how accurate they are to what really goes on. And while I work in a field that couldn’t be further away from the women’s fashion industry, I’m sure that no magazine in Australia could draw parallels with the glamourised silver screen rendition.

After seeing ‘Prada, people always ask me about ‘The Book’, which the Miranda Priestly character is always screaming for. Well, here is ours. Technically this is the second version we produce - the first is a rougher draft - and unlike in the movie, these aren’t created until the dying moments of a production cycle.

Although in the movie ‘The Book’ is portrayed as the pivotal component, its actually the pagination (a schematic of the content that will be in a magazine) that we work off. While in an ideal world it would be fantastic to have a mock-up, in all its 16-page sections glory, to mull over for weeks on end, that simply doesn’t happen. Instead changes, revisions and alterations are all done on-screen; the final mock-up is purely to check flow, colour clashes (such as a white ad running next to a predominantly white editorial page) and any file corruptions. After that it is shipped off to the printers as a reference guide. And yes, that’s Kumakubo’s new EVO X.

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  1. Van February 20, 2009 11:11 pm

    Arr, I love behind the scenes stuff. Do more of this, Charles!

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